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The Burn Factory is a fitness system that transforms your body and mind to lose fat, build muscle, and channel your inner beast through training, nutrition, and personalized coaching to help you to achieve a strong, confident body.

About Us
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Everyone wants a magic solution to build their dream body. The fact is workouts to lose belly fat, “miracle” supplements to drop 25 pounds, toning workouts to appear slim, or any other shortcut won’t create lasting change. They don’t work. Building your body and taking your athleticism to the next level requires two things: consistency and discipline.

The Burn Factory is the catalyst for passionate fitness enthusiasts seeking to put in the work to hone their craft and transform their bodies. We create bridal boot camps, personal training and online coaching custom-built to evolve and grow with you on your fitness journey.

Our protocol is designed for the bold and ambitious; those who seek to build strength, endurance, and lasting friendship through a proven system that fuses the power and potential of your mind and body.


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Success Stories

what our clients say

Experienced trainer Liz stresses on the importance of personal training, excels in workouts, nutrition, and motivation. Highly recommended.

Devon A.

Liz is a disciplined and patient trainer who can transform bodies. Highly recommended for an effective workout.

Megan S.

Liz is an amazing trainer who transformed the client's life and helped them lose almost 100lbs safely, improve knee stability and overall strength.

Rob H.

Liz was a great instructor for a challenging class, providing modifications and having contagious energy. Looking forward to more.

Rebecca O.

Liz is an excellent trainer who helped the client achieve their best shape with delicious healthy rewards. Looking forward to future training.

Fred O.

Liz is a flexible and knowledgeable trainer who prioritizes proper form, mixes up workouts and is responsive to individual needs.

Shanti A.
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Frequently Asked

Which type of consult is best for me?


We understand that everyone's needs and time constraints are different. We know that life gets a bit hectic and you need answers quickly. A complimentary phone consultation is an excellent way to chat. This 15 minute phone consultation will address your questions and concerns. If you are a candidate for one of our services, a follow up email will be sent with instructions on how to sign up for a service. In person consultations are best for persons wishing for a more in depth body assessment and conversation regarding their injuries, weight loss goals, medication and nutrition habits. All in persona consults are 45 minutes and include a body scan and full assessment with a trainer. Cost of consultation is $50.

I haven't worked out in a long time. Do I need to be in shape before I hire a trainer?


Absolutely not!  The Burn Factory works with all levels of fitness, and we meet you where you are.  We recommend trying an in person consultation to help you assess your body goals and needs. 

I have multiple injuries. Should I hire a trainer?


Absolutely! Like Newton said, a body in motion stays in motion. Injury rehab and pain prevention / management are some of the tools and resources we build into our programs. Teaching clients how to prevent future pain and injuries is essential to the work we do. We pride ourselves on continuing education so that we are equipped with the knowledge, care and ability to cater to your needs in real time. Additionally, we build strong relationships with local physical therapists, surgeons, osteopaths, and specialty doctors. We encourage a healthy dialogue between patient, doctor and coach. 

I’m pregnant. Can I still workout?


We recommend all pregnant women obtain clearance from their medical provider prior to beginning an exercise routine during pregnancy. 


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