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What is Exactly Burn Factory Online Coaching?

what is exactly
online coaching?

Online coaching is a type of coaching that takes place over the internet through video conferencing, messaging, or other digital tools.

This allows coaches and clients to connect regardless of their location and provides greater flexibility in scheduling coaching sessions.

Need more flexibility? Benefits of Online Coaching

One of the many benefits of online coaching is that it is often more affordable and accessible than in-person coaching.

Additionally, it can be a more comfortable and convenient way to receive coaching, as clients can participate from the comfort of their own home or office. It's important for clients to carefully consider their needs and preferences before choosing an online coaching option.

Benefits of Burn Factory Online Coaching
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You already understand a fit and healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you were a college athlete or somebody who already has a solid fitness routine. Despite the familiarity with fitness and pushing yourself, you need that added push to either reignite that flame or push your physical potential to that next goal. Take the guesswork out of training and nutrition, place it back in your hands at your convenience with online training tools. These 45 minute virtual sessions are guaranteed to fit your busy schedule.

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Frequently Asked

Do I need equipment?


Depending on your goals, a trainer may recommend tools to purchase upon training. Equipment is not required for online training. Many household items surprisingly may be used as a comparable equivalent. (We like to get creative with your space and items.) 

Which software is required to join coaching sessions online ?


We use Zoom for all online coaching sessions. If you prefer a different method, we will try and accommodate. 

Do I need to be on camera?


Yes, we want to see you! In order to get the best experience and provide detailed instructions, we must see you - all of you on screen. Don’t worry we won’t record any session without your consent. We do encourage that all online training sessions be recorded should you wish to repeat a specific workout or create a library for your own personal journey.

What if I need a hybrid program, half online and half in person?


No problem, we can accommodate such requests. Discussing the best program and course of action for you is top priority. Pricing is subject to a different rate and is discussed in house. Please contact The Burn Factory directly for more information. 

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Burn Factory Success Stories
Burn Factory Success Stories


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