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Experienced trainer Liz stresses on the importance of personal training, excels in workouts, nutrition, and motivation. Highly recommended.

Devon A.

Liz is a disciplined and patient trainer who can transform bodies. Highly recommended for an effective workout.

Megan S.

Liz is an amazing trainer who transformed the client's life and helped them lose almost 100lbs safely, improve knee stability and overall strength.

Rob H.

Liz was a great instructor for a challenging class, providing modifications and having contagious energy. Looking forward to more.

Rebecca O.

Liz is an excellent trainer who helped the client achieve their best shape with delicious healthy rewards. Looking forward to future training.

Fred O.

Liz is a flexible and knowledgeable trainer who prioritizes proper form, mixes up workouts and is responsive to individual needs.

Shanti A.